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Located in the Town Plot neighborhood of Waterbury, La Molisana Sausage brings to New England the original artisan process of dry cured Italian sausage, coppa and soppresatta from a pair of original Molisanans themselves. No fancy trends – no wannabe ”salumists”. As their thousands of loyal retail and wholesale customers put it after rubbing their bellies and shaking their clenched fingertips, “It’s the best – it’s the BEST!”

Assunta and Tuillio Lupo were born and raised in Cercemaggiore, Italy. A tiny village high in the mountaintops of Campobasso region of the Molise province, the Lupos grew up on opposite sides of the street from one another.


Each family owned small grocery-butcher shops, Lupo’s on one corner and Maselli’s on the other. Both Assunta and Tuillio emigrated to New York in the late 1960’s and after wedding, they welcomed a single son, Roberto. Assunta toiled in Connecticut factories such as Sherwood Medical Company and Timex earning retirement and medical benefits while Tuillio worked in local grocery stores as a butcher. The couple was proud to open their own Lupo’s Grocery in Oakville and enjoyed a successful catering business. Eager for the warmth of the west coast, the couple moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in the late eighties and opened Fat Daddy’s Pizza. Being the only authentic pizzeria in a five hundred mile radius, Fat Daddy’s was extremely busy. But, missing their extended family back East, the Lupos sold Fat Daddy’s and returned to Connecticut in the nineties. That was when the magic happened…

In just two short years of their return to Connecticut, old customers were inundating the couple with requests for their well-known specialty…dry cured sausage. Realizing that retirement would have to wait, Tuillio and Assunta decided to open another shop in the ground floor of a three story rental property that they owned. Tuillio’s butchering skills were homegrown; handed down from his father Alfredo, which were handed down from his father. Assunta’s culinary secrets were passed on from mother Maria. Between the perfect cuts and grinds of lean pork from Tuillio’s knives and the unique blends of spice from Assunta’s fingertips, their sweet and hot salsiccia flew from the shelves. For nine years, the couple, assisted by sister Maria and brother Bruno, were overwhelmed by wholesale and retail orders for dry cured products. On weekends and holidays, customers would wind around the sidewalk out the door of the piccolo storefront which was literally 200 square feet of standing room only space. Then, in 2007, the Lupos took a leap of faith and constructed a nearly 6000 square foot facility hiring their son, Roberto, as a full time apprentice.

Currently, La Molisana Sausage supplies nearly a hundred local shops, pizzarias and restaurants – many of which cite the product by name on their menus. Vendors from Boston, New York, Chicago and Miami have since come calling. The Lupo Family is proud to now bring a bit of Cercese from their table to yours…boun appettito!